Places to visit in Siem Reap, Cambodia

There are many places to visit and explore in Cambodia, if this is your first trip to Cambodia, allow me to recommend and bring you to some of the famous and popular attractions in Siem Reap.

– Angkor Wat
– Angkor Thom
– Ta Prohm
– Bayon Temple
– Banteay Srei
– Terrace of Elephants
– Terrace of Leper King
– Kulen Mountain
– Chong Kneas Floating Village

If exploring the great outdoors and experiencing the real Cambodian countryside and way of life if your cup of tea, Cambodia’s ecotourism has lots to offer. I can bring you to discover and take you off the beaten tracks to:

– discover the rice fields and culture of rice
– explore the wild forest by staying in the forest and to see animals in the wild in the safe hands of an expereienced forest guide.
– relax at the seaside resort and enjoy the sun and the sea.
– visit traditional places like traditional village or visit natural habitats like waterfalls and forest.
– see the rare and adorable Irrawaddy Dolphins that live in the Mekong River.




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